What are the advantages of working in the office

Lately, more and more employees are willing to return to work in the offices. In fact, the majority of pople prefer to work from home and say they feel better that way. However, working in the office has many advantages that develop careers and improve employee's skills.

How Did COVID-19 Change the Lessor-Lessee Relations?

The COVID-19 pandemic and the introduced regulations to tackle it are paralyzing the global economy. Measures taken by governments around the world to curb the spread of the virus have led to a drastic drop in the economic activity. COVID-19 is more and more defined as the new reality that has created a number of restrictions that have set new standards in the market...

You want to sublet your office? Here’s how and why you can do it

In the last couple of years the property market is characterized with increasingly innovative practices in owner-lessee relations. One of them is subletting - where the lessee takes on the role of a landlord and rents part/s of the property for which it has entered into a lease contract with the owner. This trend is ever extending its scope and has been viewed in rece...

10 Steps for Reorganizing Office Spaces in the Light of COVID-19 Spread

As a result of the emergence and spread of Covid-19 people had to face a new reality which made them live, think and work in a way completely unknown to them before. The business world has undergone a number of transformations as lockdown imposed new behavioral models and safety measures. There are a couple of major factors that need to be taken into account! Regardle...
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