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"Find a job you love and you won't have to work a day anymore."

Everyone has their own vision and sense of their perfect office. Our job is to find exactly it, thus saving you time, money and worries...

We possess long-standing experience in commercial real estate, as our team has been specializing in the office segment for over 15 years in all major cities in the country. We are familiar with the market in great detail and on this basis we guarantee you will receive the most adequate consultation. It is our responsibility to process all the documents and we will be next to you in every stage until completing the deal. We will advise you on searching, negotiating, selling, purchasing, renting or letting property in every step you take.

Furthermore, we work directly with property owners and investors, as well as landlords and tenants. For every participant in the process of letting, selling or renting office spaces we are a reliable partner.


“What is the most appropriate office in your mind?”
The only thing to do is to describe it to us and then leave all the rest to us.


Location and accessibility to the building seem to be the most important factors for some clients, for other clients space and distribution are of major priority, while the rest have detailed requirements for the smallest details, such as certain illumination of the room or availability of parking spaces. We will offer you everything that fully meets your specific demands.

What is more, our detailed and correct knowledge of the office property market will help you to acquire a clear idea of the current conditions of the offered office spaces, as well as the future trends of the property development in Bulgaria.

We will select the best and most appropriate offers for you, as a substantial part of them are not available on the open market. In addition, we can guarantee that you will receive both the most advantageous package of conditions and preparation of the necessary documentation without having to engage with almost anything.


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